During my time at Company C, I was one of the commercial photography leads tasked with designing scenes, acquiring props, studio lighting and camera framing along with my co-worker.
Once we finished a shoot I would then be tasked with retouching the photos using Photoshop and Lightroom. These edits may include color correction, removing blemishes, changing out product color, and sometimes complete photo manipulation to edit the context of a photo.

In this photo I helped to light the scene, find and setup props to create context and framing everything to balance the scene out and direct the focus to the rug which is the product the company was selling.

In this photo we wanted to simulate how this rug could be used in an entryway. Our studio setup had a shiplap backboard, so my first challenge was to retouch the photo to smooth out the wall. We also wanted to show the rug leading up to the front door, which we also didn't have. My other challenge in post production was to add a believable door into the scene to provide proper context.

This is another example of photo manipulation to create context that the space the rug is in is at the end of a hallway. The original photo did not have a window or a wall on the right side with a door which was the first challenge to overcome. First I had to create a right wall and then include a door to match the perspective. Once I placed the window, I then had to create a natural light source to to create realistic highlights and shadows.

BEFORE: This is the untouched photo that I assisted with. Once we got the photo back to the office, we decided that the table was too busy, the brown baseboard in the back was too dark, and to feature one of the pillows in a different color.

AFTER: This is the final photo we used for commercial purposes. I switched out the color of the pillow, changed the baseboard to white and removed the table on the right. I also reconstructed the rug according to its exact pattern where it was covered underneath the side table we removed.

BEFORE: This is another before and after example. I assisted with controlling the natural lighting of this scene to reduce harsh highlights and shadows. Upon seeing the photo back in the office, we decided that the cushions were too dark in their original color and needed to be retouched.

AFTER: This is the final product we used for commercial purposes. The imperfections in the cushions have been removed and the color was changed to something brighter. I also ensured to color correct the rug and pillows for screens and print to ensure the customer was seeing as close to the real life product as possible. I oversaw the accuracy of all the product photography used in the company.

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